I’m Yin, 22. I’m a baker. A self-taught one, that is. I learn as I go through cookbooks, magazines, television shows, the Internet, and a tremendous amount of trial and error. For the past year or so, I have been baking enthusiastically. It has almost become like an addiction. Getting a recipe right is like a high for me. But when things did not go as well as expected, I get very upset. Which was most of the time, really. I’ve lost count of the number of baked goods that I had to (sigh) throw away because they were bad. Really, really bad.

As a baking amateur, I encountered plenty of mishaps in the kitchen. Like, accidentally omitting leavening agents in my cake batter (oops!). Or over-mixing dough. Or over-beating egg whites. Or over-baking brownies. Or leaving numerous burn scars on my arms. And the list goes on. What can I say, I’m a total klutz. I just wanted to play with my butter, sugar, flour, eggs and camera. When I’m not in the kitchen making a mess, I like to scour the Internet (Pinterest, mostly) for yummy recipes and baking inspirations. And of course, eating tons of great desserts.

So, why a blog now, you may ask? I like the idea of documenting my experiments in the kitchen. I would like to think of it as a great way for me to organise my ever-growing tried-and-tested recipe collection and to (ahem) show off my baked products to anyone who might (accidentally) stumble upon them. I’m pretty proud of what I can do with my butter, sugar, flour and eggs and I hope you would enjoy them as much as I do.

If you have a question or comment, you can contact me at chinyin.wong@gmail.com. I am also on Twitter if you’d like to follow me there as well.