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Happy Chinese New Year!

There will be no baking of any sort by me during the holiday season, so here’s a picture of a Chinese temple that my family and I visit every year to fill the void space between recipe posts (I just want to keep the blog alive). I’ll be praying for luck, joy, health and prosperity for the family, if you are wondering. Also, to pray that I could get a job offer soon to keep me busy while I await my PRP posting. Have a great new year celebration everyone!



I’m Yin. I’m a baker. A self-taught one, that is. I learn as I go through cookbooks, magazines, television shows, the Internet, and a tremendous amount of trial and error. For the past year or so, I have been baking enthusiastically. It has almost become like an addiction. Getting a recipe right is like a high for me. But when things did not go as well as expected, I get very upset. Which was most of the time, really. I’ve lost count of the number of baked goods that I had to (sigh) throw away because they were bad. Really, really bad.

As a baking amateur, I encountered plenty of mishaps in the kitchen. Like, accidentally omitting leavening agents in my cake batter (oops!). Or over-mixing dough. Or over-beating egg whites. Or over-baking brownies. Or leaving numerous burn scars on my arms. And the list goes on. What can I say, I’m a total klutz. I just wanted to play with my butter, sugar, flour, eggs and camera. When I’m not in the kitchen making a mess, I like to scour the Internet (Pinterest, mostly) for yummy recipes and baking inspirations. And of course, eating tons of great desserts.

So, why a blog now, you may ask? I like the idea of documenting my experiments in the kitchen. I would like to think of it as a great way for me to organise my ever-growing tried-and-tested recipe collection and to (ahem) show off my baked products to anyone who might (accidentally) stumble upon them. I’m pretty proud of what I can do with my butter, sugar, flour and eggs and I hope you would enjoy them as much as I do.